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Hacks and Tips
Hacks and Tips How to sucessfuly add scripts in your Xoops Themes
  trabis (2010/7/25 15:23:01)
Hacks and Tips Query timers on debug for xoops 2.3
  trabis (2008/12/21 15:15:54)
Hacks and Tips Highlighting current module on mainMenu
  trabis (2008/12/15 19:23:02)
Hacks and Tips Main menu hack - on click submenus
  trabis (2008/9/3 15:10:57)
Hacks and Tips Preventing empty blocks to display
  trabis (2008/8/2 20:18:03)
Hacks and Tips Adding an horizontal multiMenu to Xoops
  trabis (2008/8/2 20:10:45)
Hacks and Tips Hacking Multimenu - Selected menus
  trabis (2008/4/9 0:08:44)
Hacks and Tips Re: Adding pagination to your module
  trabis (2009/9/1 23:52:34)
Hacks and Tips Re: jQuery's Quick Comment Hack for News Module
  trabis (2008/12/15 19:25:58)
Hacks and Tips Re: Hacking Notification System - The hack I love
  trabis (2008/6/1 14:41:04)

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