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News > Modules > My Points > My points 1.0 Release Candidate

My points 1.0 Release Candidate

Published by trabis on 2009/6/5 (13306 reads)
My points is Xoops module that allows administrators to give points to his site members for each submission or vote. Easy pluginable!

Demo here:

And here(after login):

Features :
- display an ordered list of your top members
- display points for a given user
- etc

Changelog :
- Fixed : Points were not auto updating
- Added : Plugin for publisher module

Module runs on Xoops and Icms under php4 or +

Files linked to this article
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Download this file XOOPS2_mod_mypoints_1.0_RC_xuups.zip
2009/6/5 1269

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2009/6/7 14:32  Updated: 2009/6/7 14:32
Just popping in
Joined: 2009/3/22
From: Sweden
Posts: 4
 Re: My points 1.0 Release Candidate
I just tried this and it shows no points or names. I changed the start count to 2008-01-01 and turned on all plugins but still nothing.

No errors with PHP debug on.

Xoops version: 2.3.2
PHP version: 4
Mysq version: 4

link to the module on my site:
Posted: 2009/6/14 19:49  Updated: 2009/6/14 19:49
Just popping in
Joined: 2009/1/19
Posts: 3
 Re: My points 1.0 Release Candidate
Trabis, i translate this module to spanish, you want the spanish files?

also you are working on more plugins? like AMS, VideoTube, extgallery and others?
Posted: 2009/6/15 20:10  Updated: 2009/8/2 14:43
Joined: 2008/4/7
From: Portugal
Posts: 303
 Re: My points 1.0 Release Candidate
I bprado, please send me the translation files and/or post the link here for download.

I'm not working with plugins, ideally it should be up to the module developer to provide them. Is always easier for them to make them. Anyways, if you can't make the module dev to make them, please post a request in the forum.

Thanks very much for feedback!
Posted: 2009/11/6 2:57  Updated: 2009/11/6 3:03
Just popping in
Joined: 2009/8/8
From: Canada
Posts: 6
 Re: My points 1.0 Release Candidate
Yo bprado you should just beable to copy and paste this into a text editor and just save it as .php
upload it into the plugin folder for mypoints and it should work for videotube module

All I did was copy one of the codes from a plugin trabis already had in there change it to suit the videotube module and it should work.

function videotube_useritems_count($uid$since)
$ret) = $xoopsDB->fetchRow($xoopsDB->query("SELECT  COUNT(*)  FROM ".$xoopsDB->prefix("vp_videos")." WHERE uid='$uid' AND date > '$since'"));

BTW thank you trabis for this great module

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