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Category: News

2014/1/20 20:10:00

To everybody loving XOOPS - XOOPS Japanese Support is back again.

Original Image


New XOOPS Japanese Support was established in "SourceForge.JP"(a japanese version of SourceForge Japan).

We are very excited that XOOPS users in Japana will have the needed support in their native language

2014/1/3 15:32:06

Hello Folks!
I bring to you the first of many themes 2014, xBootstrap 3. The theme was developed using the bootstrap 3, html5 and css3.

This was a hard work, several modules have been customized, dropped tables and a new look applied.

Currently the modified modules are:
- News
- Extgallery
- Contact
- PM
- Profile
- Tag
- System (maintenance screen);

Over time I will add more modules in the theme, as always this is a basic theme for the development of other themes, but can be used without problems as was provided in personal and commercial projects.

Original Image

Download Here: http://xoopsfire.com/modules/TDMDownloads/singlefile.php?lid=88


2013/12/26 4:40:00 | 1 reads

Wishing Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2014 to all of our users and friends!

Original Image

May 2014 be the best year ever for all of you!

2013/12/23 15:12:20 | 1 reads

Original Image

Modules :

Xoops Tag


Sedaye Miandoroud


2013/11/24 17:40:00

Richard Griffith, our Core Team Leader continues to make major improvements to the XOOPS 2.6.0 Core!

Yesterday he committed a major batch of new features to our code repository on GitHub, and I thought that it was significant enough to make it a special news!

This is the summary from Richard:


Conversion of kernel classes to Doctrine DBAL

The conversion required lengthy testing, and a variety of other changes that cover the same space have been included:

- User passwords hashes now use bcrypt ("blowfish") for increased security
- Module update process now automatically performs schema updates
- Patchwork UTF-8 libraries added to implement a "Unicode all the way" approach
- SQL prepared statements and bound parameters implemented in core classes
- Unified preloads/preload.php file now used reducing the number of files involved
- Several improvements for some debugging tools

Note: running composer update is required for these changes as several packages were added and/or updated. (see this info to learn more about Composer, and how to install it. There is also this good article here)

You can merge this Pull Request by running
git pull https://github.com/geekwright/XoopsCore master
Or view, comment on, or merge it at:


Commit Summary
- Add cURL to the recommended php extension list
- Doctrine conversions, and Bcrypt ("Blowfish") password encryption.
- Schema conversions comments and images modules
- Fix a few inssues introduced in doctrine conversion
- Implement a unified preload file in some modules
- Allow absolute urls in button links
- Add RotatingFileHandler option for logs versioned by date
- Doctrine conversion missed earlier
- Declare classes as abstract
- More unified preload file changes
- Start conversion of kernel classes to namespaces
- A few module updates for recent namespace changes
- A few fixes for issues found in testing of recent changes
- Convert userconfigs to module from extension
- Add caller info to deprecated message
- Add transaction to add and update. Fix pass by ref error.
- Fix incorrect grouping of some where clauses.
- Move userconfigs from extension to module list
- Fix namespace issues
- Fix an odd expression case involving a null 'IN' clause.
- Add schema synchronize step to module update process
- Fix issues introduced in recent conversion.
- Add Patchwork UTF-8 support
- Update for PHP 5.5 compatibility

Please fork it on GitHub from Richard's repository, test it, and help us with debugging and improving!






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