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Category: Code

| 2011/1/8 23:34:00 | 29 reads

Changed Paths:

    Modify    /trunk/modules/publisher/class/form/item.php

    Modify    /trunk/modules/publisher/css/publisher.css

    Modify    /trunk/modules/publisher/include/functions.php

    Delete    /trunk/modules/publisher/js/ajaxupload.3.5.js

    Add    /trunk/modules/publisher/js/ajaxupload.3.9.js

puplisher - updated ajaxupload js and fixed upload button style ( reported by
mr.black )

| 2011/1/8 16:25:00 | 15 reads

Changed Paths:

    Add    /trunk/modules/publisher/thumb.php

publisher - added missing file thumb.php

| 2010/8/19 13:53:00 | 14 reads

Changed Paths:

    Modify    /trunk/modules/mymenus/admin/admin_menus.php

    Modify    /trunk/modules/mymenus/changelog.txt

    Modify    /trunk/modules/mymenus/docs/usage.txt

    Add    /trunk/modules/mymenus/plugins/constant

    Add    /trunk/modules/mymenus/plugins/constant/constant.php

    Add    /trunk/modules/mymenus/plugins/constant/index.html

    Modify    /trunk/modules/mymenus/plugins/mymenus/mymenus.php

    Add    /trunk/modules/mymenus/plugins/smarty

    Add    /trunk/modules/mymenus/plugins/smarty/index.html

    Add    /trunk/modules/mymenus/plugins/smarty/smarty.php

    Modify    /trunk/modules/mymenus/templates/static/mymenus_admin_menu.html

    Modify    /trunk/modules/mymenus/xoops_version.php

mymenus - adding smarty and constant plugin

| 2010/8/19 15:19:00 | 13 reads

Changed Paths:

    Add    /trunk/modules/publisher/css/jquery.popeye.style.css

    Add    /trunk/modules/publisher/images/popeye

    Add    /trunk/modules/publisher/images/popeye/bg1.png

    Add    /trunk/modules/publisher/images/popeye/compact3.png

    Add    /trunk/modules/publisher/images/popeye/enlarge3.png

    Add    /trunk/modules/publisher/images/popeye/loading1.gif

    Add    /trunk/modules/publisher/images/popeye/next3.png

    Add    /trunk/modules/publisher/images/popeye/prev3.png

    Add    /trunk/modules/publisher/js/jquery.popeye-2.0.4.js

ublisher: recommit popeye slider

| 2010/8/7 13:48:00 | 12 reads

Changed Paths:

    Modify    /trunk/modules/mymenus/admin/admin_menu.php

    Modify    /trunk/modules/mymenus/blocks/mymenus_block.php

    Modify    /trunk/modules/mymenus/include/functions.php

    Modify    /trunk/modules/mymenus/language/english/blocks.php

    Modify    /trunk/modules/mymenus/xoops_version.php

Mymenus - skin from theme option was moved to a radio button, this allows to set
a default skin to use in the case the theme does not provide one. Some language
defines added. Requires module updating and reset of block options.





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